How ChatGPT Will Help Content Creators Write Opinion Pieces More Easily by Tyler Hawkins Geek Culture


Some influencers with websites or newsletters earn money through direct advertising. Read more about UGC guide here. Essentially, you’ll sell ad space directly to a brand (instead of to an ad network) and display ads on your website or read ads on your podcast, livestream, or video blog.

Just like Instagram Stories and Google Web Stories, micro content will be created more often. People will also create micro content on writing platforms such as Medium and SubStack. At, we’re committed to helping you create better content faster. However, if your niche is finance-related, you can easily promote an online course worth $3,500 to your audience, with a 10 to 20 percent commission.

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It’s also why behemoths like YouTube and Instagram scurried to add similar experiences to their platforms (stories and shorts, respectively). Use in-depth data to measure your social accounts’
performance, analyze competitors, and gain insights to
improve your strategy.

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We provide [target audience] with [type of content] to help them [business goals]. Streamline your entire strategy and set yourself (and your channels) up for long-term success by trying Sprout Social free for 30 days. From measuring content and scheduling posts at optimized times to facilitating employee advocacy, Sprout will help you manage and scale your strategy end-to-end. The best way to know what content types and formats will work for you is to dig into your data. Looking at your most successful posts will help you decide what to create.

Coming up with Effective Content Ideas

Generative AI models can generate stunning visuals, including graphics, images, art forms and videos. Marketers can leverage these AI-generated visuals to enhance their storytelling, create eye-catching social media posts and produce visually engaging presentations. Generative AI can empower marketers to automate various aspects of content creation, saving time and resources for faster time-to-market. From generating social media posts and blog articles to crafting email campaigns, AI models can produce draft content that human marketers can refine and personalize. By 2028, the market for AI in marketing is predicted to reach $107.5 billion, a significant increase from the estimated $15.84 billion in 2021.

Think about your ideal audience and what kind of information would entertain, inform, or inspire them. On Instagram, hashtag research is a good starting place to see what content is trending and getting high engagement. Like before, you don’t have to do sponsored posts or join the creator fund to benefit from TikTok. In addition to doing brand partnerships, she also has her own fashion line and runs an online course about how to become a full-time influencer.

I like using tools like Glimpse and SparkToro to dive into trending topics among my audience, peers, and influencers to see what I can lend my voice to. I also keep up with relevant conversations across social platforms that naturally inspire my creative process.

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