How Often Should You Go To The Dentist?


For example, digital technology allows our dentists to focus on one specific area of a patient’s mouth they’d like to examine, even if that area is as small a single tooth root. That kind of incredible detail can make all the difference when planning out patient care. At Santa Fe Dental, we use the latest technology at our dental office in Edmond, OK to provide our patients with the outstanding care they need to enjoy a healthy, great looking for a lifetime. Ensure you have the dental office’s emergency contact information readily available. This includes the dentist’s phone number, address, and any after-hours contact details. Verify that the emergency dentist is a licensed professional with the necessary credentials and qualifications.

In order to start a dental practice in Singapore, you will have to obtain a list of required licenses. Not every dental practice has a hygienist, some dentist prefers to take on the cleaning and polishing themselves. If you feel like delegating some work to a hygienist and has the budget, you can consider hiring one. Current dental hygienists can apply directly to the Online Degree Completion program using the Undergraduate Online Transfer application. My late mentor, Dr Steven Offenbacher, profoundly inspired me towards my research career and prepared me as a clinician in periodontology.

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Erliang analyses data related to oral health conditions, such as periodontitis, oral cancer and cleft lip and palate. He uses computational techniques to identify statistical patterns in the data that can shed light on the underlying mechanisms that contribute to the condition. Dental residents have advanced training and a broader skillset then most dentists in private practice. If your mouth problem is more complicated (like a root canal or mouth injury), dental residents are an especially good choice. A major difference difference between dental residents and dentists in private practice is that dental residents are furthering their education and training, similar to professional education.

Emergency Dental Care

Roger Schultz, CLU is the principal and currently serves as the co-owner of BenefitStream, a firm specializing in unique benefit plan designs and the use of self-funding. He has taught insurance, estate planning and employee benefits at Georgia State University and to employers and brokers. He is a consultant to benefits brokers, employers and corporate benefit staffs. Roger is an author having published over fifty articles on employee benefits and has spoken publicly on dental benefit plan designs, funding and dental PPO networks. In this on-demand webinar, recorded July 19, 2018, you will gain a basic understanding of how in-office dental plans work, how to create a plan for your office and the advantages/risks of implementing a plan. You must select a primary care dental facility and visit an in-network general dentist at that facility (unless you live in certain states). You’ll save the most when you choose a dentist in the Delta Dental PPO network, though you can visit any licensed dentist and receive coverage under your plan.

How To Do an Emergency Tooth Extraction

In some instances, they may also use an ultrasonic scaler, which vibrates and sprays a jet of water. You might hear scraping sounds during this step, but it shouldn’t hurt. There are different types of dental cleanings, based on your needs. But all have the same end goal — to remove harmful bacteria and reduce your risk for dental issues. It’s important to note that it’s best to avoid using some tartar removal products at home, such as tartar scrapers. Dentists train for years to develop the skills needed to use dental equipment like tartar scrapers safely, using one yourself could cause several issues including infection or mouth injuries.

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While I enjoyed these jobs, I wanted to have more impact on and interactions with people. My wife suggested I explore dentistry, as it combined working with my hands and close patient relationships. • Dental scientists improve our understanding of oral health by conducting academic research into any topics related to teeth and the mouth. As a dental scientist, you could discover the causes of oral diseases and help develop new treatments for tooth conditions, or study the anatomy of the mouth and the biological processes behind tooth development.

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The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD) advises parents to make biannual dental appointments for children, beginning approximately six months after the first tooth emerges. How do you know if the cavity has spread to the deeper dentin layer and how you can reverse tooth decay? It can be seen on an x-ray, and cavity detecting lasers can tell how deep the cavity is.

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