How to Build an Email Marketing Strategy for Your Startup


Be consistent with the information you are offering and be sure that it is according to the audience’s behavior. The CTA is part of the lead’s behavior on the website, reflecting their stage on the buyer’s journey. Each person that accesses your website is looking for something specific. And the CTA you are placing on that page should reflect the visitor’s current need. This practice can easily help businesses increase subscriptions.

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Implementing company wide actions that can set an example for and inspire others around the globe can make a positive impact in the world. Sharing the story by email can show customers what the brand stands for, and what they will do to make a change. You can also use links to determine which information was successful in getting your customers’ attention.

A good starting point is to make sure your color scheme doesn’t impact on the visibility of the text and that it complements your brand. To launch your email marketing to the next level, make sure your color is suited to your specific context and demographic. In every case, remember to arrange items according to the order you want them to be read. This will make for a smooth user experience and, most importantly, help guide the reader to the actionable content. Start talking to different customer segments with personalized content in minutes. Make sure to measure your results regularly, so you can track your progress and make adjustments as needed.

For every purpose, every occasion, a number of various email campaign designs with all the details, like banners, CTAs, fonts, colors, and images. Show that you understand their situation and offer a solution that addresses their needs. This level of relevance goes a long way in capturing their interest. What’s more, Findymail is even integrated with Google Sheets so that you can find and verify email addresses right there on the spreadsheet page. This way, you’ll have a complete view of the decision-making process and can tailor your outreach accordingly. Fortunately, there’s an array of tools available to assist you in this endeavor, including Findymail,,, and many others (I’ll delve into those in just a moment). Check this article for a detailed guide on how to do warmup right.

But by taking things one step at a time, anyone can use email marketing to grow their business. Equipped with the right email automation software, you can go one step further and set up complex email automation sequences using if/then/else logic. This kind of email series is highly effective for lead nurturing and lead scoring. Keep your database up to date for optimal email deliverability and higher engagement rates. AI technology is trained to find what works and can help you learn how to do it well. An email tool with AI capabilities like Brevo makes subject line creation easy. Email design doesn’t have to be difficult or overly technical.

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Read more about Email Marketing here. Incentives might range from a free ebook or discount code to free shipping, a free subscription, one-on-one time with an expert on your team, or a gift from a local small business. really is the best email marketing service available. With 1 in 8 A/B tests leading to real improvement, this is a tactic you can’t afford to miss out on. Something as simple as trying out a different subject line can improve your CTR by up to 26%. Deliverability takes this one step further by measuring your email sends against how many actually make it into inboxes. As you can see in this message from Busuu, links to your social pages are a common email footer.

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With green energy being one of their mottos, sharing their users and company’s achievements is key to creating customer loyalty. Simple yet flexible, Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that’s built to support growing businesses. It features a drag-and-drop campaign builder, powerful segmentation, and integrations with over 300 online services. Luckily, you can use a tool like Google Analytics to track email conversions. Most email marketing platforms have a Google Analytics integration built-in and will handle the tagging of the links you include automatically. If your platform doesn’t integrate with Google Analytics, you can manually create special URLs to ensure Analytics receives and tracks conversion data. By prompting people to sign up via your website and other touchpoints, you’ll be able to funnel new leads and customers into your campaigns on an ongoing basis.

For more best practices, check out our article on how to grow your email list with pop-up forms. This is where the buyer persona you created earlier comes in handy. For instance, your customers might be concerned about the cost of shipping. In fact, 49% of ecommerce shoppers say they will abandon their carts if the cost of shipping is higher than they anticipated. If you want to check if EmailOctopus is the right service for you, start for free today.

Here’s a Special Gift for You” email when it’s their big day. It can be something that you know will resonate most with your audience, or a specific action you want them to take.

This has quickly become one of the email marketing best practices that you cannot ignore. Keeping a charming tone does half of the marketing work for you and establishes a relationship with your audience. This greeting is full of familiarity and fun — a surefire way to get people reading.

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