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You can keep any upholstery or cushions that are in good condition and reuse them on your new sofa to help with costs, which we’ll get into later. If you’re a fan of the former (and love the look of many throw pillows), go all in. “Feel free to lean in and mix and match colors, textures, and prints for a more curated, artful look—rather than a matchy-matchy ensemble that’s evenly distributed,” Goerzen says. We’ve got your back (and bum) covered, and that’s why we’ve put this handy sofa care guide together!

At estate sales it’s a little easier to tell how well the item was or wasn’t cared for since you’re often IN the home where the item lived. If the house is well maintained, you get a certain vibe. If the house reeks of smoke or you can tell there’s pet odors/stains in the flooring, you might want to pass. The type of fabric matters mostly because you want to buy the appropriate dye for the fabric.

It’s a symptom of our society—we can’t sit in one place for more than a few minutes without the desire to scroll through our phones. And, if you’re one of those people who’s frequently catching up via your cell phone, try leaving it across the room when you take a quick break. That way, you’ll be forced to get up again—making you more likely to actually stay up. Sometimes I reach my motivation threshold and simply can’t get my behind off my beloved spot on the sofa—no matter how much stuff I know I need to get done. Luckily, this isn’t a super frequent problem for me, but there are definitely times when it happens (hello, Fridays).

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I’ll admit I was a bit OVER this project by coat two, and that’s when I tried using a spray bottle. Truthfully, I had a bottle of dry erase cleaner that I poured down the drain to have an empty spray bottle. I like to get resourceful, or basically, I am really impatient. That being said, if you’re freaking out that it is too dark… let it dry.

Sofas by Size or Shape

Contact our office to learn more about our five-year Gold Plus Protection Plan in case you expect your sofa will be subject to heavy and frequent use. Once the kids went back to school and our lives were back, we used our Little Green Machine Upholstery Cleaner along the arms. With both a tight seat and a tight back, the Carver Performance Linen Sofa is always picture-perfect. I hope this tutorial empowers and inspires you to take a second look at some of the pieces you may find along your estate sale shopping or thrift shopping excursions. But for a brief moment, Princess Dyeana (the sofa), looked SO GOOD in this space. Once you’re done with all the coats of dye, no matter how many you did, LET IT DRY for at least hours before moving on to the fixative. Once your fabric is dry to the touch, you can proceed onto the next coat.

Regular maintenance and cleaning will improve the durability of the leather helping it last for years to come. Do your research on what your fabric calls for and stock up on the most multipurpose cleaner that will do the job to reduce the number of bottles you have jammed under your kitchen sink. Before actually tackling the stain itself (presuming you have already dried the area as much as possible), brush off or vacuum anything that could be gunked up with moisture. The next steps you take will depend on the source of the stain. I hope you feel inspired and encouraged to tackle your own reupholstery project.

Now, having your furniture professionally treated isn’t cheap (though it’s cheaper than crying over a ruined $2,000 sofa). If you can’t go that route, Ultra Guard does offer a DIY spray. The product is not supposed to harm any other furnishings (and is actually used to treat rugs), but reps always put down plenty of drop cloths, nonetheless. I belong to a few Facebook groups exclusively dedicated to designers. I kept hearing about this one company, supposedly nationwide, that got simply RAVE reviews from decorators whenever anyone asked about onsite stain protection — Ultra Guard. I didn’t know about stain-pretreatment before I got in the trade, so that gorgeous Brunchswig & Fils Leopard Toile was never protected. I eventually learned about various upholstery treatment companies in the Boston Metro area, but I lived way too far from their area of service to be able to use them.

Read more about flexform groundpiece here.

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It is so much easier when you can see and touch it in person! That being said, I ordered mine online and made sure to order a TON of samples before I chose which one. If you want to try to makeover your sofa but aren’t quite ready to tackle reupholstery, then you might be better off sewing a slipcover. A slipcover is still an advanced project but arguably not as hard as completely reupholstering it. Gain insight into the fundamental processes that distinguish the marks of a quality sofa. Sofas come with either multiple cushions or a single cushion, each with pros and cons.

Sofa Frame

Over time, the leather can lose its rigidity and surface texture, making it feel softer and smoother. If the worn leather isn’t cared for properly, it could start to crack and deteriorate. It’s always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your sofa in case the leather has specific requirements. Grab your leather conditioner of choice and use a new clean cloth to apply it over every inch of the leather. You can gently massage the conditioner into the leather to help it absorb into the fibers for the best results and maximum protection. This versatile wonder powder should be in everyone’s cleaning arsenal.

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