How to Fill Cremation Jewelry with Ashes


We are happy to help you create the perfect customized piece of jewelry to help you remember your loved one. Some of our necklaces also offer the ability to have a special saying engraved on the back. Some people choose to have their loved one’s name engraved or simply a short saying such as “Forever in my heart” on the beautiful heart-shaped ash-infused jewelry. Cremation jewelry is a form of keepsake made to commemorate a loved one or pet that has passed.

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Memorial Dog Tags carry special love and connection to all who wear them. Read more about Ashes jewellery here. Delicately engraved with the details of your Loved One’s unique fingerprint, our Pendants help you to memorialize someone who has passed. Available in Heart, Offset Heart, Tear Drop, Oval, and Dog Tag shapes, each Pendant is as special as the bond you shared. When I receive your inclusions in the mail, I will send you an email. As of right now, our turnaround time is 6-10 weeks once we receive your inclusions. We will send you an email when we ship your order that includes your tracking number.

What Kind of Items Can You Wear Your Cremation Jewelry With?

Before anything else, it’s to be noted that several companies make memorial diamonds from cremated ashes. It’s essential to look around before placing orders for any memorial diamond. It will also allow you to decide which one helps you in saving money when buying a memorial diamond. When talking about transforming cremated ashes into a cremation diamond, you can make jewelry items. If not, you can keep the memorial diamond as they are in a suitable box. As soon as we receive your order, we’ll send you a special kit. In it, you’ll find instructions on how to safely send us a small amount of your loved one’s ashes, and packaging to keep the ashes secure on their journey.

Purification process

You shouldn’t work with a company that will deliver sub-par service merely because their pricing is attractive. The price of crystal cremation jewelry or keepsakes can vary depending on a range of factors, such as size and color. The ashes of a loved one can be transformed into a clay-like material, which is then fired into stone form to create a hard material. Stones come in a variety of sizes, including the length of your thumb and the width of your palm. Diamonds, carbon from a lock of hair, or smooth stones can all be made from ashes in various ways depending on how the material is transformed into a stone. With this in mind, EverDear™ can transform pet ashes to diamonds because we want you to remember your pets in the best way possible. We offer three colors that will remind you of your pet – yellow (Golden Star), blue (Azure Serenity), and colorless (Immaculate Soul).

Once this is complete, many people then wish to retain a portion of ashes in cremation jewellery as a keepsake. This also allows family to share the ashes of their loved one amongst many people, to help keep their memory alive. Pet memorial diamonds have the ability to capture the memory and essence of your family member and transform into a forever remembrance to take with you and wear each day. If you and your significant other or another family member would also like a diamond, most companies offer discounts for multiple purchases. This is ideal when needing to purchase two, three, or even four memorial diamonds.

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