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It is a versatile model that is not only specially designed to use with a piano or a digital keyboard. You can also use it as a dressage stool, placing it in your living room or any other room in your home. Many times, there is the false idea that when a product is cheap, it is of poor quality. But the Greenpro Adjustable Piano Bench breaks that myth. It has 3 levels of adjustability, extremely comfortable padding, and anti-slip feet. It is an adjustable, compact piano stool at a price that is quite affordable to everyone. If you love the RockJam KB100 X-Style but wish it could be a bit more affordable, here’s your chance to getting the same X-style piano bench for an under 30 price.

Padded Wooden Piano Bench with Music Storage

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Some benches also have storage space inside where you can store sheet music or notebooks. Make sure your feet are planted firmly in front of the pedals, knees bent at about a right angle or more. Your forearms should be parallel to the floor and your elbows should be free. You should be comfortable and stable while sitting at the piano.

If you decide on a height-adjustable piano bench, it can be used and individually adjusted not only by yourself but also by other people. A cheap to mid-range piano bench is usually made of solid wood legs and base. High-priced models are characterized by very high-quality workmanship made of noble material, which will also be visually pleasing. Solid wood makes the structure less fragile without squeaking. The bench is not adjustable in height but it has a storage space where you can store your keyboard and music sheets.

It looks nice but is also practical in that it does not take up space like some other furniture you might buy. Take a tape and measure the distance between the keyboard and the top of the bench. In the same way, you can check this distance on other instruments and quickly adjust the seat. I have three simple tips for beginners on how to quickly adjust the bench height at any music instrument, such as in a music studio or concert hall, before a performance.

A musician’s sitting needs are unique and thus, not well-marketed. This is because most chairs are not designed with a musician’s needs in mind. Visualize a typical armless chair; maybe what you have encircling your kitchen table or what you slouch in for long meetings at work. It’s time to turn the wood and metal into a beautiful new piece for your home. This article will walk you through how to make a repurposed bench out of an old piano, as well as some ideas on what to do with it once you get it made. If you’re looking for more ways to use this versatile furniture item, we’ve got those covered too! Scroll down below for two other benefits from having a repurposed bench at home.

The average height of a piano bench is somewhere between 18″ to 22″. Some stools even go as far as 24″ when fully extended. Many are around 30″ wide, which is plenty big enough for people of various sizes.

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