How to Play the Newlywed Game: Tips and Sample Questions


For instance, you may choose to ask the couple all of the questions and have them come up with answers on the fly. However, this approach can be tricky and slow since the couple will need time to think. If you’re thinking about playing it with the newlyweds, speak to them in advance to make sure they are comfortable doing this at any of their events. This popular activity is all about quizzing the couple. From their favorite food and drink to their real first impressions of each other, it delves into a variety of topics and is a great way to spice up any wedding-related event.

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The social dynamic that drove Ollila to spend so much time playing this mobile game, is another aspect that can make these apps, to use Chandler’s word, “insidious”. When it comes to playing the game, someone will need to act as the host. That person—usually a member of the wedding party—should start by introducing the game and explaining how it works. To kick off, read each question from your list and have the couple guess what their partner has said. For example, for the question “Describe what you first thought of them in one word,” they should each guess what their partner said about them. Next, the fun begins when you compare those guesses to what the couple actually said about each other.

Step 6: Publish the Game

If you’re using the recommended beginner setup, follow the layout in the rulebook. The stack is a game zone shared by all players (like the battlefield) where spells and abilities wait to resolve. Resolving a spell or ability simply means that its effect happens.


I didn’t feel any of the typical anxiousness or irritability that I normally did during the rush hour shuffle. I discovered it not long after it was first released in 2012, when I observed my then-roommate playing it. There are different ways to play the Newlywed Game, so before planning to play it a wedding event, make sure you decide on your process.

A general rule is that spells and abilities on the stack resolve one by one, beginning with the last one put on the stack. If a creature takes damage that isn’t enough to destroy it in a single turn, that creature stays on the battlefield, and the damage wears off at the end of the turn. I have helped Games-as-a-Service companies, indie publishers, and small to single-person teams understand their audience and communicate with them in a more personal way. I specialize in optimizing your marketing for the Steam algorithm, creating fantastic Steam pages that sell themselves and setting up Email marketing campaigns that your fans will look forward to opening.

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If a player does decide to respond, their spell or ability goes on the stack on top of what was already waiting there. When all players pass—that is, decline to do anything more—the top spell or ability on the stack will resolve. This section describes the actions you’ll take during a game, including tapping your cards, casting spells, and attacking/blocking with creatures in combat.

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