How to Remove Mattress Stains Using Stuff You Already Have at Home


If you are sensitive to smells, are pregnant, or have asthma, avoid the room until the scent completely dissipates. Innersprings are much less likely to have an off-gassing problem. Because factors such as comfort, support, and firmness are so subjective, we’ve always recommended trying a mattress (or pillow) in person before you buy. Even though that’s still the best way to tell whether a specific bed is right for you, we know that’s not possible for everyone right now. But if you decide to roll the dice and shop entirely online, we suggest you opt for either a two-sided mattress with multiple firmness options or a mattress with a solid, lengthy return policy. Even great components won’t guarantee the mattress will last that long (it’s also about how those components are put together), but they’ll decrease the risk of disappointment in the long run. That said, it may take a month or more of sleeping on a mattress to figure out whether it’s really comfortable to you for the long term.

Read more about medium firm mattress here. Mattresses come in standard sizes to help you know how much space they’ll take up. I recommend measuring your room to see if that California King you have your eye on will, in fact, fit comfortably in the space.

Rather than come in the one large, traditional package, a mattress in a box is packed into a box for easier delivery. After ordering a mattress online, it is delivered right to your door, ready to go.

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If you’re concerned that your mattress may be past its prime, here’s where we spell out how long, on average, the different types of mattress should last. People spend about a third of their lives sleeping, so having a supportive, comfortable place to do that is key. Sometimes you can’t put your finger on it, but if you’re not sleeping well on a new mattress you have the right to return it.

How Much Should You Spend on a Mattress?

Today’s buyers can choose from various materials when purchasing a mattress topper. If you have an RV, boat, antique bed, or other application, you may want to consider a custom mattress topper. Custom mattress toppers are affordable and can be made into any size or shape. Providing a uniform layer of comfort, a mattress topper is a perfect way to breathe new life into a shabby mattress for a fraction of the cost. While it might not transform a super-saggy mattress, it can be an innovative and economical way to add a few years to your investment.

To make the mattress firmer:

A pressure-relieving mattress that contributes to spinal alignment can reduce the risk of this kind of pain. Having a quality pillow with the right amount of loft can also ensure that the neck and upper spine have adequate support. It isn’t perfectly scientific, but it does help convey how a mattress feels and who it may be best suited for.

What Are the Differences Between Innerspring and Memory Foam Mattresses?

It is always wise to do your homework before you buy mattresses online. Hybrid mattresses are best unwrapped within 3 weeks of delivery. An all-foam mattress like the Original is best unwrapped within 30 days of delivery. For queen and larger size bedding, a heavy-duty metal frame with a rigid center support and leg(s) is required. Wood or metal beds must have at least five rigid cross supports with center leg(s) for proper support. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your mattress topper. Some toppers are machine washable, while others require spot cleaning.

Combination sleepers may also want to size up to a King or Queen to give themselves extra room to move around. While many of us move around at night, knowing how you sleep most comfortably is a great way to determine what mattress is best. For example, hybrid, memory foam, and latex mattresses are great for side sleepers. They should also choose a mattress that is firm enough to cradle the hips and shoulders while also supporting the spine. Memory foam mattresses generally need to be rotated regularly and must be kept clean and aired. If you start waking up with aches and pains and find that the foam is no longer supporting you and offering pressure relief, it’s time to upgrade. Read more about medium firm mattress here. During our Saatva Loom & Leaf review, we noted it was particularly good at alleviating aches and pains, and the durable build should support you for many years.

But once you know what to look for, narrow your search to models that may last longer than others. Read more about Emma hybrid mattress here. Lift and shift the mattress around to make sure it doesn’t feel light and flimsy. Inspect the cover, and confirm that it’s well stitched and feels sturdy. If it’s a foam or hybrid mattress, ask about the foam density, especially for the topmost layers. Most adults who weigh less than 200 pounds should look for at least 3 pounds per cubic foot of density in a memory-foam mattress. People who weigh more than 200 pounds would do better with at least 4 pounds per cubic foot. Now, before you plunk down hundreds or thousands of dollars, you’ll want to rule out a couple of things.

Regardless of your size or sleeping position, mattresses typically perform either good, average or poor in these categories. If you’re considering replacing an old mattress, how old is that mattress? Maybe it’s a foam mattress and used to be good, but it was a hand-me-down that is 20 years old. Even though foam mattresses may work for you, this particular one is old and unsupportive. Knowing how long mattress materials last is another important step in choosing a mattress.

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