How to Shipping from China to the US and Other Countries?


Shipping goods from China to your country is a popular way to get inexpensive products for a business or individual use. China’s rapidly expanding manufacturing sector produces cost-effective goods that have international demand. To get these products, you need to understand the shipping process out of China and your country. Without a proper understanding of international shipping from China, the potential cost savings of a product are eliminated by high shipping costs and long delivery times.

Shipping From China how

This deep-sea and riverine port, managed by the Shanghai International Port (Group) Company, is in close proximity to China’s major industrial and manufacturing hubs. The port, which opened its first three terminals in 1842, is now one of the largest port megacities in the world. LCL shipping is ideal if you are shipping a small volume, less than 15 CMB. You can even ship goods as small as 1 CBM – the minimum chargeable volume.

Rail Freight from China to the UK

However, shipping costs and times can vary significantly depending on the time of year, as there are seasonal fluctuations in demand and supply. Read more about China Freight Forwarder China here. Understanding the seasonal ebb and flow in shipping can help you optimize your shipping timing and save money on your logistics. If you choose the shipping mode of sea transportation, it will cost you less.

From foods to furniture, smartphones to personal computers, China can deliver products at a rate no other country can. That includes either picking the parcel up at the Chinese supplier’s door unless the supplier has dropped it off at their depot.

Package Efficiently

The packaging should be enough to also ship further to your customers. If everything is lumped into only one box and you will need to buy more boxes, the items should be properly boxed in future orders. If it does not last as long as expected, you should know that it is the best that they have delivered, and in the future, either the quality will stay the same or decrease. There are four different ways that you can consider shipping from China to US. For further information on shipping hazardous material, check out the Hazardous Material Table.

On you can add insurance to your booking so you can ship knowing that your goods are safe and your are protected from damage, loss, and other potential issues. You should take a few extra minutes to make sure that all documentation is complete and accurate. And have a freight charges reference at hand; don’t blindly accept every surcharge and fee. The two big US domestic couriers, FedEx and UPS, are also popular choices for China-US deliveries. Read more about Shipping to USA From China here. So too are other major international couriers like DHL and TNT. US Customs will deprioritize release of parcels if something looks wrong with the paperwork.

As they order bulk quantities and purchase regularly, sourcing agents give them special rates. Most Chinese manufacturers have mass production facilities for a short time.

Rail freight takes half the distance to deliver your goods from China. One of our experts will contact you soon, please tell us the following details as much as you can, so that we can give you exact shipping freight quote immediately. Professional customer service team with over 10 years experience in freight forwarding industry.

The most significant benefit is the stress-free delivery of the product. If you hire a shipping company or freight forwarder, all the risk and task lies with them until it is delivered to your doorstep. Hence, you can enjoy the delivery of goods to your place without undergoing any stressful activities. A freight forwarder can save you time dealing with paperwork and customs requirements. As your shipping guide, your freight forwarder can use their contacts and knowledge to help you save money by securing the best deals. During peak shipping periods (such as the holiday season), choosing a company with experience handling large shipments is essential.

They also have agreements with shipping carriers, which helps to considerably reduce shipping costs. A freight forwarder or a customs broker will help you prepare documents and sort out the various import duties. DHL Parcel is one of the leading shipping companies in the world. It is a German-based logistics company, and it offers customs clearance and shipping services both in domestic and international areas. DHL provides one of the fastest shipping services to many countries from China.

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