If you’re a non-citizen, non-resident foreigner and you want to register a company in the USA, this article is for you. The most common type of licensing we handle on steady basis is tobacco-related licensing. Other examples are alcohol licenses, professional licenses, gambling licenses, firearms licenses, dealerships etc. Does that mean corporation is necessarily bad, and LLC is necessarily good? Nope, it only means that corporation permits some wiggle room for creative tax planning, while LLCs are pretty much straight forward entities. Curious fact, one of the reasons we love LLCs so much is the fact an LLC is a flexible entity, that can elect to be taxed as C-Corporation, if the management deems it more beneficial from tax point of view.

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Corporations can be taxed, receive profits and losses, and are responsible for their actions and financial status apart from shareholders. When an owner or shareholder leaves a corporation, it should be able to continue functioning relatively undisturbed. The rules as to how different your LLC’s name must be from others vary from state to state.

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A private limited company is any type of business entity in private ownership, in contrast to a publicly listed company. Administratively, there are many benefits to changing a legal entity’s status effective January 1; this change is the cleanest from a tax perspective. Operationally, it may make more sense to convert a company to a corporation when it is ready to raise more capital and make it easier for investors to infuse capital into the company.

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Depending on the form of entity, incorporate means to form a corporation, and form an LLC means to form an LLC. They could also direct liability dis-equally at different members, meaning some members have limited liability and some are without. Shareholders have the power to elect directors to represent them, setting the corporation’s policies. In turn, the directors are empowered to appoint offers to provide leadership, managing the company’s day-to-day operations. This classification refers to any corporation in the United States that is taxed separately from the owners. If you are interested in starting a business in the USA, it is crucial to have a strong understanding of the different types of legal entities available.

Read more about USA company formation here. Another recurring cost is the cost of Registered Agent service (we provide it for a competitive $99 a year). Banking would cost you another $20-$100 a month in bank fees and management fees if you opt for managed bank account services.

You can also register online using the FL Fictitious Name Registration. All employers must obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number, so if you will have employees, you must file for an EIN. For a nonprofit corporation, determine whether the corporation will have members. Once your filing is reviewed and approved, a Certificate of Organization will be issued for your entity. To avoid any of these problems, research your local business directories to verify if the business name you’d like to use is available. You can also use USPTO’s free tool to check if your business name is available. It’s essential that you come up with a memorable name for your online store– something which is going to catch the eyes of your audience and leave a lasting impression.

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Non-commercial registered agents don’t offer those services as part of their everyday business. Such an agent may be one of your members, your business attorney, or simply someone you know and trust. On the upside, the three biggest advantages of becoming a corporation are limited liability, business continuity, and access to funding.

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