How to Take a Sauna: Etiquette, Duration, Safety, & More


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Before we explain why these wavelengths matter, let’s back up a second and explain what an infrared sauna is in the first place. An infrared sauna uses the infrared region of the visible light spectrum to produce heat. In a country with 5.5 million inhabitants, there are over 3 million saunas. If the expense of an actual sauna is too much, another option is an infrared sauna blanket. It works the same as an upright sauna but in blanket form. The prices are much lower, usually ranging from $200 to $500 each. Read more about Indoor sauna here. Plus, if you go to client’s homes, you can take the blanket with you.

Arguably the most used interior surface within your sauna, the bench should be cleaned regularly. As mentioned above, use a cloth and warm water to wipe down the sauna bench after every use. One of the primary “toxins” created with strength training is lactic acid. If excess lactic acid is not reduced, sore muscles result. Any athlete will tell you that muscle soreness can inhibit their performance.


In a control trial published by the Journal of Athletic Training5, researchers found that full body exposure to extreme heat creates adaptations on the cellular level, too. Himalayan salt sprinkled atop steaming rocks promotes the release of negative ions, making you feel more relaxed. Salty snacks like cheese or pretzels are ideal for replenishing the sodium lost during a sauna session.

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Ask an employee to brush you up to speed, chat with a regular, or do a little reading beforehand so you are prepared accordingly. If you are allowed to wear clothing, ensure it is breathable and comfortable or opt for swimwear. Children should have shorter Sauna sessions than adults due to their increased sensitivity to heat. Sauna use promotes sweating, which helps to cleanse the skin pores and remove impurities and toxins, contributing to clearer skin. The improved blood circulation from Sauna heat helps you get rid of stiffness and discomfort. This is particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Take Note of the Sauna Time & Cooling Off

The electrical [panel is located in the wall mural right by the sauna. 2) If it is still not working, try checking the electrical breaker to see if the electrical has been tripped. Browse our beautiful collection of outdoor sauna buildings. From a performance standpoint, this would be a great time to drink a serving or two of branched-chain amino acids. A traditional Finnish sauna can last for as little as a half-hour to two hours or more. And if you’re fortunate enough to have a sauna in your home, it can be a great way to reconnect with your significant other.

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