Teaching Logic to Elementary Students The Why and How


We cannot obtain evidence about how to use resources to accomplish the goals that longtermism advocates, evidence that is necessary to assign probabilities to outcomes. But the uncertainty about the far future cannot be downplayed merely by assuming an astronomical number of future people multiplied by their expected wellbeing.

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Like so many others, my family immersed itself in 1,000-piece puzzles while we were quarantined at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. We dumped out the tiny pieces, flipped them picture side up, found and connected edges, and then assembled the more difficult center sections. The whole experience provided hours of entertainment, valuable time with family members, and — eventually — the satisfaction of a job well done.

How to Solve the Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever

First, we will drag a toggle switch from the menu into the workspace. The OR operator outputs a “true” answer if either the first, or the second, or both inputs are true.

An indie math game by the creator of synonymy, interpolate mathematical functions to calculate 666.

Many of these games and activities can also be adapted for struggling students. You have most likely seen this type of puzzle pop across your online feed. Some are simple enough that you can figure them out in your head.

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Mathematics requires logical reasoning, problem-solving, and abstract thinking. Lastly, for students finishing early or those who have previously mastered basic and addition and subtraction, these Spring Themed Math Puzzles are on target! This resource contains 24 addition and subtraction logic puzzle task cards to help your students become effective problem solvers by combining math with deductive reasoning.

I asked A, for example, whether B was True; asked B whether A was True; and asked C whether he was True. Hours later, having asked the gods every yes and no question I could think of, I understood how the puzzle got its name. Clearly my questions weren’t compelling the gods to answer the way I wanted them to. One mark of Smullyan’s legacy is the interest philosophers and logicians still have in his most difficult puzzle, known as the Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever. The title was given by a philosopher of logic at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a colleague of Smullyan’s named George Boolos, who—no slouch himself—adored logical challenges of any sort.

Lastly, logical reasoning encourages students to think for themselves, experiment, and even ask the big, out-of-the-box questions. It is one of the most important skills to teach in elementary grades because it is a foundational critical thinking skill. Teaching logic to elementary students requires the use of reasoning and deduction to study a problem objectively, thereby allowing you to make a rational conclusion. As a teacher, you use logic all the time when you analyze the facts to address a problem. It equips them with the reasoning skills needed to navigate the sticky situations of life. Most mathematical logic courses are not taught until university. The field is often considered too complex for younger students to learn.

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