WiFi Marketing Increase Repeat Business


That means that even retail stores and nail salons should start offering free Wifi to their consumers. •We, at i1smartMarketing  can help set up the best fitting plug and play WiFi hotspot, giving you the ability to offer free Internet. Then you can connect with your customers, reward loyalty, and increase sales. •Consumers will sign into your in-store WiFi network, reaching a splash page, which lists the terms and conditions. The guest must opt-in to use the free Internet – you can require them to share email addresses, social network connections or other consumer information.

We’ll help you from installation to your email marketing campaign development. From start to finish, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. GoGoGuest’s guide covers the very best practices in setting up your storefront’s wireless infrastructure and guest WiFi policy. You’ll understand how to set up and get the most out of a WiFi marketing strategy for your traditional storefront as a restaurant or hospitality brand. The data you collect will also help you achieve your business goals. You’ll enjoy a better understanding of what your customers like, their motivations, and who they are.

WiFi Marketing

It enables powerful segmentation strategies that make personalized offers risk free while ensuring maximum returns on potential investments made by your company. It is usually done by setting up a WiFi hotspot at your retail store. The hotspot gives internet access via a wireless local area network (WLAN) through a router, and it’s this projects a WiFi signal that devices can pick up. This allows anyone with a mobile device (smartphone, laptop, tablet) in that location to connect with the web, services or content you can offer them. The most important aspects of it that is needed to get started can be set up in a matter of days. Most WiFi marketing platforms can be integrated with major analytics and management tools that used by businesses.

Similar to the ratings campaigns we talked about above, you can also use Bloom Intelligence to rate their experience in Facebook or Google, as well. To learn more about customer segmentation, click the banner below for our free informative white paper.

A seamless shopping experience starts with a digitalized connection. After capturing social media contacts, administrators can see a variety of valuable data points, including the gender, age and type of device individual visitors are using. Our customers are using their phones for every step of the buying process, both in- and out-of-store, whether we like it or not. So, we need to embrace this reality and leverage it to learn about our customers, their buying habits, and improve our processes to increase sales.

The Future of On-Premise WiFi Marketing

From the landing page, you can easily entice your customers to Like or check-in to your business in exchange for a deal. Be prepared to watch your social media presence immediately take off. 42% of consumers will like a Facebook page to get a coupon or discount (Syncapse).

Guest Wi-Fi is one of the most requested guest amenities and providing digital connectivity to your visitors is an expected utility. For many people, accessing guest WiFi is one of the first actions they take once they arrive at a physical space. Read more about WiFi Marketing here. This makes the Guest WiFi experience often the first touch point for interaction with your guests. This is the WiFi marketing platform that offers excellent features like guest dwell time.

Gets More Online Reviews (and Better Reviews!) from WiFi Users

But let’s take a lengthier look at how it can benefit offline businesses. Without this data, it’s almost impossible for you to gain insight into your visitor behaviour to see how they’re engaging with your service. The downside to going in blind and choosing a concession WiFi service is that although data will be collected, you won’t own it – the WiFi service provider will.

However, what is becoming more powerful is the variation in the types of automated messaging and who you can send the messaging to. There are very good reasons to automate messaging based on customer behavior. As you passively collect more and more customer profile data, you can begin studying the data and creating specific segments, or groups, of your best types of customers. In today’s competitive marketplace, it is vital to keep your customers coming back. Using Bloom’s WiFi marketing platform, it becomes possible to actually identify customers who are at risk of churning.

You can generate some buzz about your store, drive foot traffic, and prove to the community that you’re a forward-thinking, innovative brand. Basically, your Wi-Fi will have a coverage area, likely within the borders of your store. Anyone on a Wi-Fi-enabled device, from smartphones to tablets to laptops, will be able to see and connect to your Wi-Fi network.

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