How to Prepare for Your First Virtual Therapy Session


Dr. Nelson provides clinical leadership across multiples disciplines, including quality management, provider recognition, medical policy, innovations of service delivery and strategic market opportunities. The platform offers advanced client-therapist matching based on a client’s answers to a quick survey. Therefore, you don’t need to search for clients, as the company will find those who have problems related to your area of expertise and connect you with them. You don’t need a referral to access mental health care through your Kaiser plan. If you think virtual counseling could be right for you, the trick is to find online therapy that takes insurance or find a budget-friendly online therapist. Online therapy platforms are convenient—a key appeal to their patients. Just find new ways to offer all the convenience and ease-of-use online platforms provide.

Some clients express themselves more easily through the written word than by speaking. In addition, some clients are less distracted when using chat than with other methods. At Compass Counseling, these types of non-live communication (asynchronous) are only part of a treatment plan for established clients when appropriate. So, if you would prefer chat or phone counseling sessions, please let your therapist know. Telehealth clients also reported in the study they were just as satisfied with their online therapists as in-person clients are with their counselors.

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In addition, a therapist must provide their client with documentation of their privacy policies, which should be included in the informed consent form. Depending on the severity of the breach, a therapist may also be required to report the incident to their regulatory body. In some cases, a breach in confidentiality can lead to disciplinary action.

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Talk therapy can be truly lifesaving for people who need help treating mental health issues, dealing with big life changes, or replacing maladaptive behavior patterns. Online therapy is a convenient alternative to traditional, in-person therapy for those who live in rural areas, are home bound, or want to avoid a long commute to a therapist’s office. And, according to the American Psychological Association (APA), teletherapy isn’t going away.

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“When the Covid-19 pandemic started, social distancing measures were put in place and people were reluctant to go out because they feared catching the virus. Prices at Talkspace vary depending on your location, therapist availability and the frequency of your billing plan, with discounts available for quarterly or biannual subscriptions. Talkspace also offers therapy for couples and teens and a psychiatry program for medication management.

A new poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 45% of adults say the pandemic has affected their mental health. But as states battle the spread of the coronavirus with stay-at-home orders, people can’t attend their regular therapy sessions.

You could be asked to follow your therapist’s finger with your eyes and to recall the trauma or an action that has a similar effect on your brain. These things help you process the trauma so that it no longer has a hold on your life. After years of dismissing telemedicine, practitioners are getting past their biases in barely a few weeks. I’m sad our profession needed COVID-19 to address telehealth, but the benefits will last for generations. For telehealth to work effectively, our national system of licensing and regulation law needs to adapt. Although the federal government temporarily halted HIPAA regulations to promote telehealth during this time, not all states are allowing out-of-state practice.

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Mike Delaney, Clinical Director of Delamere Health, notes that the pandemic has changed the therapy landscape. I went on Psychology Today and looked up local groups that meet all these different needs — grief counseling, anger management, addictions, whatever the issue is. And there are a lot of support groups that have moved online right now.

These professionals also reported that telehealth appointments resulted in improved access to care, reduced no-show rates and a high rate of patient satisfaction. Prior to 2020, the majority of psychologists treated their patients in person. Research suggests that teletherapy is a way to access mental health care now and in the future.

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