How To Start a Real Estate Photography Business


This technique ensures well-lit and appealing photos, even in dimly lit areas. Most photographers use job boards to look for new opportunities. Job boards might seem crowded, but they can be the quickest way of finding your first gig.

Hence, you will unlock a new possibility to grow your photography business. Be proactive, and show customers that they can have much more than just 2D photography.

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Once you get your first clients, you will also build a reputation and increase the chances of word-of-mouth referrals. Collecting reviews is a crucial part of getting your business seen and getting new clients booked. Reviews are the best social proof that you do good work and that is what potential clients want to see. Write a bio for all of your profiles and consider creating or joining local Facebook groups that focus on local real estate. Offer discounts to contacts in exchange for reviews and word-of-mouth endorsements. Send a personalized email after each shoot thanking them and inviting referrals. Signage and vehicle wraps promote brand visibility for real estate shoots and appointments.

If you allow just one dissatisfied client to slip through the cracks, it could derail your path to success. Certain state permits and licenses may be needed to operate a real estate photography business. Learn more about licensing requirements in your state by visiting SBA’s reference to state licenses and permits. It isn’t going to be worth your time and effort if the end images aren’t going to be portfolio level quality. Playing off the painting company example from above, if the room they want photographed is simply a blank, unfurnished, white room, then it’s not what you’re looking for.

What are the legal requirements for starting a real estate photography business?

Try to include colorful items in the photos that attract attention such as brightly colored artwork, flowers, etc. It’s amazing what a dash of color can add to a neutral-colored atmosphere. I would recommend no less than a 5-megapixel camera to get some clear and acceptable pictures. As you know, these types of cameras are very inexpensive today and can be purchased at any electronics retailer for a very low cost. Of course, you can spend whatever you like, but if you’re buying the camera for a one-time use then I would keep it to the bare minimum. You’ll get good pictures and you might even find other uses for your new camera. A tripod will help to keep you from ending up with blurry pictures due to a shaky hand, but it’s not an absolute necessity.

Tip 1: Highlight The Best Features

The real estate photography business is all about presentation. You photograph and gather pertinent details of properties for real estate agents so they can use them for marketing purposes. Start with the most up-to-date camera system to help you capture well-composed photos, 3D tours, floor plans, and panoramas. Set the stage for your photoshoot and ensure the proper lighting taking into account the time of day. Make sure you focus on the property and try to refrain from making the property owner’s objects the focal point of the picture. Keep the attention on the structure, architectural design, landscaping, and built-in features. The average photo session should take under 1 hour including all your still shots and gathering information about accurate measurements.

SEO works best if you create high-quality content on your website regularly, which is why having a professional blog can be a great way to use this tool. Read more about goedkoopste energielabel here. Although cellphones’ cameras have advanced significantly, we still advise utilizing a professional camera for Real Estate Photography.

They are faster because you apply to vacant positions and opportunities, which cuts out any guesswork. Organize it professionally and make it visually appealing for an effective first impression. Over the last several decades, digital photography slowly leveled the playing field. Additionally, online courses make the photography profession available to everyone with talent and a desire to improve.

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